And the Winner Is - Building a Eurovision Voting System

For over 60 years households across Europe have enjoyed the most weird, wacky, and wonderful singing competitions in the form of Eurovision. In this talk we’ll do a whirlwind tour of the event and focus on how it’s increasingly complex voting system works, and how you can build your own to match it.

talk Last Seen March 2021

Introduction to APIs

In this beginner-friendly workshop you will learn about APIs - what they are, how they work, and how you can begin to use them in your applications. Examples will be in JavaScript, but very little experience is needed to take part.

workshop Last Seen March 2021

Building Your First Facebook Bot

In this beginner-level workshop we will cover how to build a simple call-and-response Facebook bot which stores messages in a database and recalls them. We will be using JavaScript and using the Vonage Messages API.

workshop Last Seen February 2021

So You Want To Run Online Events

Many developer relations professionals are having to figure out the world of online events. In this talk, we'll cover how three different events have been run, each with their own tooling, and introduce a framework for assessing new approaches.

talk Last Seen July 2020

Build a Call-In Phone Line With Pre-Recorded Messages

Learn how to accept incoming calls and respond with both a pre-recorded MP3 file and synthesised speech. In this project, we learn about Serverless using Netlify Functions, and utilizing Airtable as a database. The final project is a phone line which users can call to hear today’s MP3 ‘thought of the day’, with a fallback message read if there isn’t a recording for today.

workshop Last Seen June 2020

Build a Serverless Video Conferencing Application

In this beginner-level workshop we will build a serverless video application with Node.js, MongoDB, Netlify Functions and the Vonage Video API. It is suitable for those with little (but some) JavaScript knowledge.

workshop Last Seen February 2020

Getting the Most From Running a Hackathon

Hackathons are invention marathons which bring together practitioners to solve challenges in a fixed period of time. While at the core hackathons have the same format, organisations running them often have different goals in mind that they hope to achieve by doing so.With these goals in mind, we’ll be exploring the different variants in these events, how to identify which is most appropriate and what to do to get the most from them.

talk Last Seen December 2019

You Don’t Need to Know it All

With a new libraries, frameworks and tools being released every year, it’s hard to keep up. The truth is you don’t need to learn most of them, but you do need to know what’s out there. In this talk, we’ll cover how to assess and new technologies, and be okay with only knowing the basics.

talk Last Seen September 2019

Letting Go Of Your Baby

The very structure of student groups means that there will be a change of cast every academic year. This is a frank talk about the need to let go of your events and projects, while training new people to take up the mantle.

talk Last Seen September 2017

The Hackathon Zoo

Hackathons are wide-reaching in format and goals, as are the aspirations of developers attending. In this talk, we'll discuss some of the different types of events out there, and match them to developer personas.

talk Last Seen August 2015